Flying Hovercraft

It’s summertime, that means it’s boating time. You wanna take your boat out on the water, maybe go fishing and stop by some islands on the way. At the same time you have the urge to fly but times are tough and paying for a vacation flight isn’t in the cards this year. I’m here to tell you you could do both…without ever leaving your boat. The Flying Hovercraft, courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer is a vehicle that glides over land and water and soars in the air up to 70 mph by way of integrated wings.

Sort of like the wingsuit for boats! Sand, mud, grass, swamp, desert, ice, and snow, its lift fan has the power to hover over any semi-even surface. Boaters can simply hop over water- or land-based obstacles up to 20′-high unsurmountable to a typical hovercraft. Controlled by joystick and throttles for speed, the Flying Hovercraft is intuitive and practical, allowing you to enjoy your time off on the water AND in the air.