Woman Diverts Flight for “Medical Emergency”

It’s bad enough dealing with screaming children on planes, now we have to hope there aren’t any disruptive French on board. A US Airways flight on route from Paris to North Carolina (an odd pair if you ask me) was diverted to Maine on Tuesday because of a French woman claiming she had a dangerous implant in her body that needed immediate attention. Marigot, who only speaks French, handed a note to a flight attendant along with, for some unusual reason, a book she had written herself. Not until later did her attorney discover what was making her act anxious. She said that she had been “wronged” by a group of doctors and had something inside of her that was “out of control”. Marigot continues by insisting on medical help from President Obama and the American people.

If her “dangerous implant” comment didn’t make her sound like a terrorist, this sure did. Her whole situation sounds more like a plot line than misfortune. Despite such strange behavior, witnesses and those involved said they felt no threat from the relatively calm Marigot. Two doctors aboard the flight even offered to examine her and found no evidence of surgery. The pilot thought the note and the small commotion she started was cause to have the flight diverted to Bangor, Maine and Marigot sent to Customs and Border Protection, where she will be turned back over to US Airways and returned to France. Goes to show women with implants are nothing but trouble.