Jeb Corliss App

Some athletes have their own shoes. Some their own cereal, others their own fragrance, and so on. Sky-letes do things a little differently. A man that many predict will push skydiving into the mainstream deserves a unique brand of homage. The Jeb Corliss App (more formally known as the MOD Live App) is meant to work cooperation with an Android smartphone and the Recon Heads-Up Display Helmet. Common scenario: you’re riding the slopes of Aspen, likely doing all sorts of insane jumps/tricks when suddenly you get a text. At the same time you lost sight of your buddy who was snowboarding alongside you.

You go to check your message, still barreling down the mountain, while frantically looking around for your friend when BOOM! You hit a tree, lose your phone and cause an avalanche. Might even have a concussion. All of which could have been avoided with Corliss’s App. The app connects to your smartphone, displaying calls and messages on your Recon Helmet and features Buddy Tracking so that you can instantly find out where they are on the hill. Had you had the app you would’ve gotten the text from your pal saying that they were taking a break at the lounge, and could’ve avoided a concussion. MOD Live displays a live read-out of your speed, altitude, location, plays your music, and even navigates you via GPS. Keep your phone in your pocket and your mind at peace courtesy of Corliss.