Day Maker

Waking up is a creation of the devil. It’s probably the worst thing you have to do in your life and you do it every day. It’s unavoidable, the only peace from the cycle is in death. Anything to lighten the tension in my bedroom in the mornings would be welcome with open arms. The Day Maker ($100-$125) was designed to expel the evils of awful mornings by putting a smile on your face the second you wake up.

It’s a contraption made to imitate a toaster. You put your iPhone or iPhones in the slots, set your alarm time and when it’s time to rise POP! The phones jump out like pieces of brown, crackling toast all charged and ready for the day…just like you! Unless you’re not yet ready for the day then push them back down to activate the snooze. Extra features like its self-setting analog clock, capability to play music from your iPhone and a pull tab on the back to set and pop both iPhones at once are just the icing to the toaster strudel.