Hang Gliding Rio de Janeiro

So you wanna take your first step towards becoming a wingsuiter? Well before that you have to skydive…a lot. And before that you have to get rid of your fear of heights/dying. But one thing at a time, baby steps as they call it. What better way to wipe away those illogical phobias than to jump right into the skies and experience gliding in its most original form: hang gliding. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and flying tandem over Rio de Janeiro is a fitting first step.

Not as crazy and freefally as skydiving yet still adventurous and heart-pounding, hang gliding is the perfect way to get into sky sports, it’s like starting from training wheels and moving on to dirtbikes. With beautiful mountains and beaches, the light breeze of tropical air in your face and attractions galore, you won’t even have time to stop and consider the fact that you may die. Rio Hang Gliding even offers refreshments and a video/photographs of your flight as soon as you land on the sandy beach of Sao Conrado. With this accomplishment in your pocket, all you’ll need is 200 skydives on your resume and you’ll be the next Corliss or Daisher to be featured on Blades in no time.