Every once in a while the world gets that revolutionary idea that changes life as we know it. Though the impact of the Corkcicle may only be limited to the lives of the wine-sipping wealthy and champagne-guzzling socialites, it has an effect nonetheless. This invention brings solution to a problem as old as wine itself: warmth. Leaving your wine bottle open to be brought down to room temperature heightens that uncharming taste of fermented alcohol that no one likes. Corkcicle makes that a thing of the past. How it works is simple.

Keep your Corkcicle in the freezer until after you’ve poured your first glass, then place it in and pull it out whenever you need to pour another. It will maintain this pleasantly cool temperature for up to an hour. In addition to solving the issue of hot wine, the Corkcicle also happens to eliminate the disflavoring effect of wines that are too cold. Maintaining temperature at a constant equilibrium, it makes the use messy, inconvenient ice buckets unnecessary. With the Corkcicle you’ll enjoy perfectly-chilled wine for the entire night…or day if you’re having that type of week.