People won’t admit that all they really wanna do is play with balls. They get a disgusted face and the cold shoulder whenever they tell someone about their secret desire. Society just isn’t as accepting about these sort of things as they should be. But recent endorsement from the President himself could change society’s views and even provoke nationwide acceptance towards such a controversial topic. The endorsement I mean, of course, is of the Sphero. President Obama was quoted saying “Give me some space to drive my ball…That’s terrific!”, and who can blame him? A spherical ball that moves with a touch of your smartphone? That is terrific!

The Sphero is an award-winning gadget that offers the opportunity to use apps for a mixed-reality experience, moving it in the real world or manipulating it as a controller in the virtual world as opposed to just tapping away at a screen for an hour. With apps such as Drive, Golf, Chromo, and more, Sphero never gets old. Being extremely mobile and having the ability to change into any color imaginable, the gadget offers so many exciting possibilities to engage with friends in team play or even just single play like bowling. Follow the President’s advice and go Sphero.