Infinity List

The extent of my familiarity with an infinity list is the to-do list I’m expected to fulfill for my other half. Except the only thing on my to-do list is wingsuiting. Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to perform the necessary 200 skydive prerequisite in order to legally fly a wingsuit. As if on my 201st I’ll suddenly become a prodigy of the skies. So much praise goes out to all the wingsuiting maniacs and B.A.S.E jumping practitioners in the world.

Not a single person has the guts to say that skydiving isn’t followed by the most ardent, ballsiest athletes there are. That’s why Infinity List felt compelled to share with the public an experience that very few will get to participate in themselves. Videos like “Experience Human Flight”, “Experience Zero Gravity”, and “Experience Freedom” articulate the unbridled indulgence of joy these jumpers don’t take for granted. I may never get to wingsuit, but the Infinity List helps people like me share in the ardency of those who do.