Smart Dot

Coming from years of testing and personal experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that people, in general, just won’t listen to you. Most are too dumb to understand the complexities or even simplicities of what you are saying and the rest are usually waiting for their turn to talk. So what’s the solution to such a widespread epidemic? Visual aids. I’ll be the first to tell you meetings and presentations are one pie-chart short of giving me a mental breakdown, but the second someone brings out the projector I’m all ears.

Lasers are also cool, which is where Smart Dot plays its role. Attach it to the headphone jack of your iPhone and the Smart Dot functions just like a normal laser pointer only without the need for batteries. But even lasers aren’t futuristic enough for a pampered generation. Switch over to Presentation Mode using the free Smart Dot app and your iPhone takes over the presentation screen. In this mode you can use the included Stylus Pen Type (or Strap Type) to maneuver the mouse as you would a trackpad. That way you can present margins and boring stuff of the sort in a way that doesn’t make the room want to try B.A.S.E. jumping without a parachute.