Norway B.A.S.E. Jump Movie

Every day it seems a new video comes out exemplifying some new up-and-coming unknown flyers. Where were these individuals two months ago? Would’ve been nice to spread them out. Anyways, a few of these B.A.S.E jumpers got together in Lusebotn, Norway and decided to film a movie to document their aerial adventures. They felt the need to share the experience of what they called “3D Human Flight”.

This community of skydivers follow the ridges of the Fjords, showing off their catalog of their moves and how much fun YOU aren’t having. The whole thing is kind of propaganda if you ask me, pausing to emphasize statements like “This can be you!” and “Anyone can do this!”. In fact it will be a propaganda-driven production, influencing both young and old to stir up their boring lives and experience the exhilarating thrill that these pilots do every jumping season. That’s right, there are seasons now. I say give in to the subliminal messaging, let your next step be 3,000 feet below you.