Birdman Flight Store

Every sport’s gotta have their gear. Recreational football players and amateur Lebron James imitators have the luxury of being able to head over to sporting goods stores and buy whatever equipment they need. Unfortunately wingsuiting isn’t yet as casual as throwing around with friends or getting a pick-up game together. It’s not like you can drive to the same place you purchase LJ’s shoes and ask for “The Jeb Corliss Wingsuit” in a size medium.

But here to take the burden off us more advanced athletes is the Birdman Flight Store, online retailer of flight gear for all our sky-related pursuits. The store sells gear and accessories for skydiving, B.A.S.E jumping and wingsuiting, tested to be the best on the market of course. Birdman exemplifies its 100% commitment to human flight and offers unique perks like letting you customize your wingsuit color design or offering the first wingsuit that lets you fly on your back. Everyone from first time pilots to legends of flight should “suit up” with Birdman Flight Store.