Watches are a symbol of wealth and status. So if your wrist ain’t rockin’ the right one, you probably won’t have any friends. Switzerland’s International Watch Company has been known to do it big, in both senses of the word and as I’ve always said, the bigger the badder. And while on the topic of big, the Big Ingenieur is the perfect representation of their commitment to going big or going home. Immediately its 45.5-mm case makes a striking impression.

That is, if the 42 jewels don’t catch your eye. In my opinion, its strongest feature is its pitch black alligator strap. Anything having to do with alligators is automatically a win. Its Pellaton automatic winding system and seven-day power reserve take up most of the space inside, but its a sacrifice you wanna take to never have to attend to your watch again (a perfect trade-off for me because I happen to hate my watch repairman). 500 of these monsters are available in a platinum limited edition if you really have that need to show off.