Ryanair Launches Hotel Comparison Site

We haven’t made mention of Ryanair or their CEO Michael O’Leary ridiculous schemes in quite a while now. It seems they’re due for some slander. Oh, hold on a minute. Their newest venture doesn’t involve charging for bathrooms or fully-naked flight attendants? Not even half-naked flight attendants? I am as shocked as I am impressed. Instead of giving in to the temptations of unprofessional, sexual harassment-warranting business modeling, Ryanair has announced a more reasonable plan for expansion. is where the company is heading, a hotel comparison website that, in O’Leary’s words, “…will provide details on hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide from cheap and cheerful two-star to fancy five-star hotels”. Accessible through the airline’s main site, the page will guarantee the lowest prices for over 300,000 hotels. If a better rate is found elsewhere they’ll refund the difference. I know you’re thinking there are already millions of hotel comparison sites as there is, but none offer the unique (to say the least) touch and hint of crazy that Ryanair does. Of course to balance this logical, legitimate idea rarely seen at Ryanair, O’Leary announced he would start creating in-flight magazines on thinner paper, make it double as the in-flight menu and request of flight attendants that they watch their weight in order to conserve fuel. Same ol’ Leary.