Miles Daisher: Master of Movement

We’ve dropped Daisher’s name a couple of times before, most notably when he reached his 3,000th base jump on New Year’s Eve. Now the Red Bull rep has 3,100 jumps under his belt and has been honored with Degree for Men’s title as a “Master of Movement”.

The big man probably had to pick up a sponsorship from Degree to combat all the sweating his poisonous Red Bull enduced. Formerly a member of the US Air Force, Daisher made his first solo skydive at 25 and has continued to jump passionately and, according to Degree, masterfully. Twin Falls in Idaho had no idea what was coming for it when Daisher showed up and showed off, jumping, soaring and landing like it was second-nature. The jumper’s amazingly directed video shows off his talents in wingsuiting and demonstrates a mid-air twist move I’m surprised isn’t more popular in the wingsuiting community Twin Falls.