Lufthansa App

Great, another great idea being hogged by the Swedish. First it was pocket knives, then it was universal health care. Now it’s an app that will have people literally waking up in the morning rushing to their iPhones. German airline Lufthansa developed Anywake, the alarm clock app, to allow users to wake up in a new city every morning.

The app synthesizes waking up in busy cities like Paris or New York by playing street recordings of those select destinations. Not only can you virtually wake up in any randomly selected city in the world, but if you guess that city correctly using nothing but sound, Lufthansa will direct you to a screen with an offer for discounted tickets to that city. There are no repercussions for a wrong guess. Of course, as they always do the Swedish are the only ones being offered this app for now as a test run. Soon you will have a reason to get up in the morning. This app makes it that much easier to fake your death and run away to a foreign land away from your problems, because the only thing stopping you was overpriced tickets.