Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniels, one of my favorite whiskey brands of all time. Whiskey doesn’t really have all that flavor that I like in most other drinks, but now with the Tennessee honey brand, I’m starting to change my view.

Watching a commercial where a super bee flies around with a helmet and some badass goggles really gets me excited. Of course whiskey drinking, like all alcoholic beverages, should be only for those 21+. The Tennessee honey brand adds a special honey liqueur which makes the drink sweeter and smoother, at 70-proof. A honeybee on the cover of the bottle seems to attract more females in the audience to drinking, but anyone can enjoy this new beverage. Anyone of age, that is. The drink has not fully come out in sales yet and bartenders seem to get samples, but it already has drawn in quite the crowd. The estimated price for the Tennessee honey is about $22 for a 750ml bottle. I cannot wait for this to be a full release, and to my fellow drinkers, cheers!