Base Jump Petronas Twin Towers

It is amazing how two buildings can be built to look exactly the same, and still reach a record breaking height of 1,483 feet. The two buldings, the Petronas twin towers in Malaysia, are an amazing architectural wonder not just for their outer beauty, but for their perfect BASE jumping measurements.

The towers are the tallest twin buildings in the world, and attract many BASE jumpers who set out to jump from the brothers(or sisters) of steel. One jumper, Tom, did a front flip as he jumped off the building, showing no fear at the challenge. Whether this Tom and the Tom from Myspace–who is always there to be your first friend–are related, I do not know, but he sure seems like quite the daredevil. The short, seven second video didnt show him after jumping, so it makes me wonder whether his parachute opened or not..Maybe he is the Tom from myspace who got tired of people switching to Facebook, and decided to play a little Russian roulette with jumping. Im sure he landed safely, because not anyone would choose to jump from these towers, but only someone with experience and knowledge in the field.