Old Man of Hoy

A 449 foot sea stack known as the Old Man of Hoy, a wise name for a “wise” choice for people who decide to BASE jump off the beauty. Then again, the thrill of BASE jumping is something to live for, according to many jumpers. Three jumpers decided to be the first to jump off the Old Man and luckily recorded their experience.

The climb to the top took a long, tiresome seven hours, while the time it took to get to the bottom was only ten seconds. Thankfully, the video is not seven hours, but it does the thrilling jump from first person point of view. A beautiful view of the sea and birds seems to make the top view worth the climb. If climbing to the top only let you see more rock than you saw from the bottom, I would probably get the same thrill from someone simply filming a walk along the black giants. Undoubtedly these jumpers have amazing courage, as I had to pause the video twice to take in all the action from the jump at such an altitude.