Four minutes ago all I knew about Fiji was that it was an island somewhere and sold expensive water. And I wasn’t even 100 percent on that first part. Now, after extensive research and a couple attentive minutes on Vimeo, I have officially confirmed that Fiji is in fact a collection of islands.

But in all seriousness, this utopian archipelago boasts nothing but coasts, its clear blue waters crawl on and off the sandy beaches of its many islands. Located miles off the coast of New Zealand yet with a culture all its own, Fiji’s natives aren’t the overly-enthusiastic, annoying tour guides you’d expect when visiting such a tourist hub. A short film shot during a two week trip through the land of Bula illustrates how the island juggles popular tourist activities like boating, snorkling and surfing with the everyday normalities of its people. Thus the school children dancing the moves of the Kiwi bird towards the closing of the film is very appropriate.