Everyone Is A Little Universe

When most people think of the universe, they think of the few planets they can name and the sun. Oh yeah, and some rocks here and there. People individually are a universe, with all the things they accomplish and all the tasks they do everyday. We are in constant motion, going from place to place whether by car, train, boat, or walking.

From accomplishing simple tasks such as going to work or working a vehicle, to traveling the world and creating artwork in natural landscapes, people have created a massive world of creativity and novelty. A video showing some everyday things people do around the world sheds light on the fact that people truly are a fascinating universe. No matter the time of day, someone somewhere around the map is doing something important, contributing to a greater whole. Long lasting prints on the earth created by man such as windmills and machinery make up another world constantly creating change, whether big or small. People are all capable to creating something remarkable by themselves, always trying to make the complicated things easier by creating smarter inventions. People are all part of the same, but each and every person is their own universe.