Pebble Tech

You might always hear rappers talking about rocks on their wrists and wonder how you could have a “rock on your wrist” too. Well, tape and a rock from your backyard might fit the purpose, but it’ll feel like time is always set in stone, if you catch my drift. Instead of looking like Fred from the Flintstones, get a more practical and slick looking watch, the Pebble.

Although the name might not sound intimidating, the Pebble packs quite the punch. The Pebble can run apps straight from your iphone or android, depending on what the user chooses to run. An e-paper background makes the screen visible under the hot sun, and you dont have to buy new paper at Staples. For cyclists who enjoy mobility, the watch can transfer information from your smartphones gps to the watch, showing the cyclist the time spent cycling, distance, and average speed. Runners can easily change songs and see how far they ran. If you’re like me, you can keep track of the total distance spent from going to to the kitchen and back to your room. People can never say you dont move or exercise again. If you don’t feel like this is enough technology, you can create your own apps to run on the Pebble. With three colors to choose from and more to come, you can have the coolest Pebble in town and send rappers and their “Rocks” back to Stonehenge.