Germany Rail Time Lapse

Man, the Germans sure know how to get around. I dont know what kind of shoes make them run around so fast, but it looks like even the trains got a pair. From the Harry Potter stations of Berlin to the fresh smelling city of Cologne, Germans run around listening to the same funky techno music, boarding trains and rail carts to go from place to place.

Clearly, whoever put music on the video didn’t have their speakers turned on loud enough. This amazing, all-too-exciting motion picture by Mette was created with 21,000 still images. Only a large collection of Oompa Loompas could sort through all those thrilling pictures. Although the trains constantly work(with no 30 minute lunch break,surprisingly), they get royal treatment from workers who clean their windshield, keeping them clean and looking fresh, just incase other trains sneak a look at their swag as they rush by. This busy schedule isn’t for everybody, as I myself get tired just from watching these people boarding trains and walking along. Maybe after a few months of Wii sports, I’ll get the endurance to experience the trains of Germany.