Kroop’s Goggles

What’s my main concern when I go skydiving? Dry eyes. Yes, it’s not the fact that some minor malfunction could buy me a first class ticket to the cemetery that’s on my mind…it’s an itchy retina. Your mother always told you to wear protection (head protection for those of you who may misinterpret), but little did she know that that head gear would be put to work thousands of feet in the air as you’re falling at terminal velocity.

Kroop’s Goggles, maker of accessories and head gear for horse racing and bicycling, has just the wind-shielding frames you need to make sure that 20/20 vision is kept intact. Designed for the US Military and sport jumpers for 60 years, the goggles sport a soft frame with a dry fit on any head regardless of shape or size. Their interchangeable lenses come in a wide variety of colors and features specific to skydiving and are all 100% UV Blocking and impact resistant. For those of you who wear glasses and think skydiving will never work out for you because of the risk that they will fly off, Kroop’s Over the Eyeglass goggles fit over virtually any size prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. Though I don’t know why you’d need to wear glasses when you’re diving, as if there’s anything to see up there.