We’ve talked a lot about teams of talented risk-takers in the past months. From the effortless swagger of Team Turbolenza to the daring dives of Team Ill Vision, it’s evident that extreme sports crews are getting crowded with competition.

Well, since the sky is all taken, it’s time for someone to make jumping off the ground look cool again. Storm, a team of freerunners as electrifying as their name implies, has taken that task and made it a reality. It’s hard to distinguish them from Power Rangers and equal rights activists because of their rainbow-colored ensembles but in the night none of that matters. Their colors become muted and they move like ninjas. Even in the day their original moves burst with a swag never seen before. With an appeal similar to that of skydiving and B.A.S.E. jumping, their city slicking is quickly matching the Turbolenza level. I mean with names like Spyder, Blue, Cali, Livewire and Jashman, your moves better be good or else you just look ridiculous.