Stacked Wines

Anytime I want to casually enjoy a bottle of wine say at the park or a playground, I always get strange looks from everyone secretly (sometimes openly) judging me. Something about carrying around that entire bottle makes me look like an alcoholic. And at a playground no less. Well no longer will casual drinkers like me be misconstrued and misunderstood, for now there’s the less cumbersome Stacked Wines at our rescue.

Designed for outdoor consumption and enjoyment, the quality wine does away with the hassle of a bottle and instead separates into four stemless wine glasses. Each glass contains 187 ml of wine, so the 4-pack holds the same 750 ml as a traditional bottle. Convenient, shatterproof and light, the glass has the same feel of a wine glass, allowing you to enjoy the fruit forward flavors of Stacked Wines without oxidizing or spoiling. Stop looking like an out-of-work street-wanderer and stock up on Stacked Wines.