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The sexy and sweet Tenaj Page

Get To Know September’s Blades Girl Tenaj Page
The sexy and sweet Tenaj Page graces the pages of Blades Magazine as a pin-up fantasy Retro Raven. This bombshell, born and raised in Miami, is making waves in the Magic City. Her signature naughty-but-nice throwback style demands attention. Learn more about the rockin’ beauty that is… Tenaj Page

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Blades Girl

Q: How did you enjoy the Blades shoot with the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter?
A: I loved shooting with the Robinson. It had a vintage feel to it, and that’s my style. I’d love to do it again.

Q: If you could bring two other people in the Raven II with you, who would they be?
A: My mom and dad.

Q: What would be your ultimate city to view from a helicopter?
A: Downtown Tokyo.

Aviation Entertainment Magazine

Q: What’s your dream destination?
A: Italy, hands down.

Q: What’s something you can’t travel without?
A: An iPod. I enjoy listening to music when I travel. Right now I’m listening to Shannon “Give Me Tonight.” I’m a freestyle junkie.

Q: Where have you been jet-setting lately?
A: I’ve been playing hopscotch between New York, L.A., and Vegas, to name a few.

Q: Do you have any travel tips?
A: Don’t over pack. Avoid the headache.

Q: Tell me about your most unusual photo shoot.
A: I was shooting implied nudes on the beach and had a group of old men pull up beach chairs to sit down and watch. It was awkward!

Q: Tell me more about pin-up modeling and burlesque.
A: Pin-up modeling is different from your typical lingerie or swimsuit modeling. It’s sexy, yet classy. Burlesque takes it to the next level as a true form of expression. I love getting into character when I perform.

Q: What is the Tenaj Page Signature Look?
A: Cat eyes, red lips, and my retro swag, of course. Tenaj Page is not just a made up character. It’s a way of life.

Aviation Entertainment Magazine

Q: Who do you admire in the modeling and performing world?
A: I admire the iconic Betty Page for her style and courage. She did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and didn’t care what the world thought!

Q: Tell me a little more about your work.
A: In addition to the spread in Blades Magazine, I also currently have a spread in DUB Magazine and Retro Lovely Magazine. I love being a pin-up model and a sexy burlesque performer, but I also have a professional background with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. In my free time I paint. I’m pretty good at it too!

Aviation Entertainment Magazine


Romantic Stauts: Happily Taken. Sorry boys!
Most Recent Gig: DUB Magazine’s October issue feature spread
Upcoming Gig: Camacho Cigars 2012 calendar
Twitter: @TenajPage

Interview conducted by Shayne BenowitzTwitter @ShayneBenowitz