“Playa” Condom Stash

Thank god, it was becoming awkward walking around parties with condoms in hand. From the same people who brought you the Opena, the Playa iPhone Case was designed to hide not your bottle opener, but your “jimmys”.

I’m starting to think this company only makes products directed at frat boys with iPhones. Say you go on a date with a chick you’re not sure is as eager as you are to run into the bedroom. It’d be mildly awkward if when you went to pay for the check, the protection you brought in the hopes of getting lucky were to fly out onto the restaurant table. If only you’d stored your condom behind the slim panel of the Playa, you might’ve not gone home alone that night. Though the compartment and name of the case were designed for players, those with less sex-starved priorities can store any small object behind their iPhone.