British Airways Unveils Olympic ‘Dove’ Plane

It’s Olympics season again? Oh how time flies…no pun intended. Although flying isn’t yet in the Olympics, British Airways has taken it upon themselves to make their planes a hot topic for this summer’s London Games. The first plane in their flock of Olympic-themed jets was unveiled this week with the promise that they will fly during this year’s games.

This jet, an Airbus A319, intentionally resembles a giant gold dove and went into service on Tuesday, officially kicking off the British airline’s plan to create hype over their country’s hosting of the Olympics. Along with the nine planes, other Olympic-themed projects are being implemented to raise national pride such as their in-flight meals, inspired by traditional British cooking and the 1948 London Olympics. The projects will be collectively displayed at an aviation-themed pop-up restaurant, gallery and cinema in London until April 17th. So if you happen to be in London and see a giant gold dove fly overhead, take a moment to appreciate the importance of the Olympics and how it brings nations together. If you see one and you aren’t in London, call the police.