Project Glass

The upkeep on glasses is already an arduous task. I don’t know why anyone would want more people to wear them. But hey, Google has millions and they can do whatever they want. Like Richard Branson. The idea behind Project Glass is to integrate your glasses with technology and make them so much a part of our lives that we forget what it was like not having floating icons follow us everywhere.

The user would maneuver through several of Google’s app-like features, with the ability to get notifications, use Google Maps, read e-mails and all that good stuff. It’s like in the future, we’ll be all be half iPhones. You can explore and share the world you see all while walking to get a cup of coffee. It’s that seamless. It remains to be seen whether Google’s interface will beat out the other approach to futureistic glass technologies, but either way the future looks brighter. Though that could just be my new glasses.