I laughed at the thought that this hadn’t been invented yet. Poor battery life is inarguably the weakest aspect of the iPhone’s design, right next to having a screen more fragile than your relationship with your mother-in-law. The JuiceTank kills two birds with one innovative stone by placing a power outlet onto the back of a durable case.

Face it, you look ridiculous carrying a cord with you in the likely chance that your phone’s gonna run out of juice. With outlets that fold flat and deploy at the push of a button, your case becomes a portable charger ready to be used whenever you like. Joining the ranks of cases like the Opena, the Pocket Projector and the Telephoto Lens Case, the JuiceTank is only the most recent in a trend of dual-use cases that improve its user’s daily life and, in the Opena’s case, ability to get drunk.