What’s that word called when you find something wonderful without looking for it? Ah, yes. Serendipitous. For the longest time I’ve been feeling this void that seemed could only be filled by some sort of historical aerial antique. So imagine my surprise when I come across an eBay listing advertising the sale of a 1965 Huey Gunship UH-1E used in the Vietnam War.

One of only 205 ordered and 36 to have survived the war, its use was limited to just a few days of service and a long period as a static display in a hangar. And the icing on the cake: starting bid is at $175,000.00, just a few bucks high from my weekly paycheck. Yes it’s outrageous that a Vietnam gunship is being auctioned on eBay and yes it’s outrageous that if someone felt so inclined, they could replace the dummy weapons with real ones. Now we ended up losing the Vietnam war, and I have a feeling some bitter patriots may take it upon themselves to fly over to Vietnam and restore our pride. At that asking price, it’d probably be worth it.

[$175,000.00 Bid]