HTC One: Het Experiment

This could possibly be the best promo I’ve ever seen. Last week Blades unveiled the partnership between HTC and Roberta Mancino, and told you things were brewing in the ad world. But now we can expand on those little informational slices and give you the whole pie. Nick, your run-of-the-mill photography student, was given the objective of taking the perfect fashion photo on the HTC One…while freefalling.

Armed with a professional aerial team to man the lights and such, Nick set out to turn a pile of feathers, mirrors and smoke canisters into a masterpiece. But first, the experiment needed to be experimented. Testing out different types of wear and how they act in 181 mph speeds, Mancino plays her part modeling in the wind tunnel. Then there’s the unimpressed physicist. What has this man seen that would make him label a naked Roberta Mancino in freefall as “boring”? I guess when you consider physics to be exciting, your whole world turns upside down. Naturally, the commercial inserts its usual propaganda, advertising the phone’s impressive camera versatility and capability. We then see the beginnings to what is sure to be an epic stunt: Nick jumps tandem, followed by Roberta and the team and words pop onto the screen. Dammit. A cliffhanger. “To see the results watch the commercial at HTC.com”. My mouse bursted over to the address bar…I couldn’t type those three letters fast enough. The result? Perfection.