April Fools – Google Tap the E-mail App

April Fools. A day where you can break up with your girlfriend. If all goes well you’re home free but just in case things go bad and tears start flying at least you have the “April Fools!” escape. Oh, and you can pull pranks too. But even on such a holiday, Google (a small-time online search engine for those of you who don’t know) manages to crank out a game-changer. They just don’t stop working over there.

Introducing Google Tap, an e-mail app the company has developed to rest your thumbs and speed up the tedious job of typing on a QWERTY keyboard. Bringing back the good old days of telegrams and railroads, the app makes use of the simplistic Morse Code, using only two keys to sends texts and e-mails. And if you’re an experienced user, or a “power user” as Google calls them, you can simultaneously type two separate messages to two separate people at the same time. Revolutionary. If you’re one to fall for practical jokes, download the app here and start tapping away. Also, something to try out: go to Google Maps and hit the “Quest” button in the top right corner.