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Red Bull Skylighter Suits

Is it pathetic that I just realized the brand “Red Bull” was named after the idea that bulls are aggravated by the color red? I guess that’s why it gets you so hyper, the drink itself is an uncontainable paradox waiting to explode. Red Bull, the attention-hogger that it is, has pulled another dazzling, creative stunt deserving of a trophy to be placed on the mantle along with the helicopter jumps, skydives, car races and wingsuiting that make up their previous successes.

Hoping to make a big entrance at Sölden, Austria’s Hannibal Festival, Red Bull suited up three skydivers in the captivating Skylighter suits. The suits are an upgrade from the their inspiration, the Light Muses, with a brightness 10 times greater than that of its predecessor. The team jumped out of the plane like surfers from space and probably scared the hell out of Austria, who must’ve thought glowing terrestrials had landed at their festival. Red Bull has earned its title as the coolest sponsor of the modern world.