Singapore’s Futuristic New Cruise Terminal

The Singapore Tourism Board announced a new futuristic cruise terminal to be opened by the end of 2012. Side note: the term futuristic is redundant, because technically everything is futuristic. The cruises won’t feature ships made out of wood and stopped via anchor.

The $400 million project will create a new International Cruise terminal to be joined onto an existing cruise port, increasing its capacity to host visiting ships. Singapore’s tourism has been sky-rocketing recently, with their cruise passenger numbers almost in the millions last year at the Singapore Cruise Centre. Now the new facility will allow for big-time ships to dock like Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas, the Costa Deliziosa and two ships from Celebrity. The terminal’s location will be between downtown Singapore and Sentosa, a resort island. Exiting passengers will be within steps of the city’s top-notch transportation network and only 30 minutes from its first-class airport. You know, in case you need a short plane ride to cool down from the cruise you just took.