Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton Land an Airport

Getting something named after you is the epitome of cool. “Oh yeah, that’s my library”. “Why don’t we just head over to my park?”. Martin Luther King Jr. definitely takes the cake with all the streets, schools, etc. The man has a monopoly. But how would you like to be able to one day catch a flight at YOUR airport?

Short of owning your own airline, the only way of doing so would be to take office…in the White House. The Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission in Arkansas honored Bill and Hillary Clinton this week by renaming the Little Rock National Airport “Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport”, pending approval from the FAA. If the decision goes through, president Bill and former candidate Hillary will join a long line of presidents that have had their names honored with their very own airports. It is only natural that Arkansas pick the Clintons to represent them, as the Clinton Library is the state’s top attraction for out-of-state visitors. Since when is a library even considered an attraction?