Arkiv System Bags

You’re not gonna come across a bag that is as practical or contemporarily chic as the Sanction Rucksack walking down the street. But Mission Workshops did a good job in mimicking the Sanction’s style with their Arkiv System Bags, packs that boast both form and function yet may appeal to a more specific crowd than the usual.

From what we see in the video, we can infer that if you are an on-the-go mysterious businessman working shady deals all through the day, this is the bag for you. Be it a rooftop, a beat-down apartment or a desolated street, the System Bags are suited for any environment or situation. With a rugged exterior, excessive clip straps, and a unique case-holding design, the lucrative contents of your bag will stay safe and water-free. No longer will you have to endure the convenience of zippers. Apparently Arkiv is also received well by the art-collecting tattooed hipster crowd.