There are already a few hobbies out there that involve being pulled by a rope attached to a boat. But these activities, namely wakeboarding, ignore the entire point of doing things on water: getting wet. Ideally, the whole idea behind wakeboarding or any sport of the sort is to NOT get wet. Well the fellas behind the Subwing ($700.00-$850.00) said screw that and decided to get down and dirty, wet and wild with a wing that lets you dive into the water while you’re being pulled.

Available in fiberglass, carbon glossy and carbon matte, the wing is the perfect shape to hydrodynamically cut through water and waves and explore the sea like never before. Twist, turn, glide, spin, cruise however you want to ride with a simple tilt of the Subwing. Personally, I think it looks like a glider the Green Goblin would ride, but unfortunately this wing doesn’t come with missiles and hovering abilities. So underwater sea-life is safe, for now.