Aquaria Grande Residential Towers

“I’d like a room with a view and a pool” will no longer be a silly thing to request from a hotel. The Aquaria Grande Residential Towers are currently undergoing construction and will be equipped with one of the most stunning architectural feats when completed.

Those balconies that were once used for recreational base jumps and Romeo and Juliet imitations are now going wet and wild with their new glass swimming pools. Much on the same level of coolness as the infinity pools atop Marina Bay Sands Skypark, these pools will have you hanging off the edge of the tower praying that an opera singer doesn’t show up and rupture the glass with their high-pitched squeal. The project will be done in Mumbai, India and will feature several unique amenities including a car park, fully equipped clubhouse, and a sustainable podium garden. That better be some sturdy glass or Mumbai’s gonna see a few lawsuits coming its way.