Roberta Mancino loves her sharks

I don’t know which is the nicer sight, the school of fish or Roberta. Both would look unnatural on land. Normally we see videos of Roberta mid-air, shooting fashion commercials or breaking world records. If not it’s usually basejumping with a parachute or wingsuiting, anything that delays her descent to Earth, because coming down from a jump is like coming down from a high, except literally and more addicting than any drug could ever be.

Here we see her scuba diving and having fun with some sharks, still avoiding the encumbering binds of land. Only someone as crazy and fearless as Mancino could make “playing with sharks” not sound like a paradox. Yet here she is, within 5 feet of the world’s most feared sea creature, with only a few dozen zebra-looking fish filling the space between them. Everyone is afraid of sharks despite the fact that they kill less than 10 people a year, while we kill 100 million of their species. It’s the same thing that happens with skydiving and basejumping, just because it looks dangerous, we assume it is. Sure things can go wrong, but you’re in more danger driving to work than being eaten by Jaws or colliding with the sidewalk after a jump. Live a little, don’t fear what can’t harm you.