The AIRE Mask

I’ve always said wind power was the future. Except in this case, it isn’t windmills doing the work…it’s your lungs. The AIRE Mask is an ingenious new invention that harnesses the power of your breath and converts it into electricity to charge something like your iPhone or any mobile device. Much in the same way a windmill or water turbine works, kinetic energy is converted into electricity.

So now when you’re doing anything physical like going for a run, you’re not only helping your fitness level, you’re helping your battery level too. But you don’t have to be panting to use the AIRE Mask, the device’s wind turbines work just as well when you are sleeping or reading a book. So it requires no change in your daily routine – save energy, preserve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint all without even going outside. Encouraging physical exercise while offering free energy 24/7, what a perfect product. The AIRE Mask literally breathes new life into the world of renewable power. Also it makes you look like Darth Vader, a plus in any scenario.