Very few people are willing to throw down $250,000.00 for a watch. Hell, the way things are very few people are willing to throw down $250,000.00 for a house. But hey, it’s a small price to pay for originality. With a mechanical concept that defies everything we know about watchmaking, you know your wrist will be wearing the most individual piece in the room.

Unlike all other timepieces, time is not read by a pair of hands at the center of a dial, but by 12 pairs of hands jutting from the edge of the watch inward. Every 5 minutes, a hand flips over to its blue side and indicates roughly what time it is. The five-minute indicator tells you the time more accurately. The same process goes for every hour, except at the switch of an hour, all the minutes hands do a little “dance” going clockwise. Supposedly the whole thing is inspired by Copernicus’s idea that the Earth rotates around the sun, and the hands pointed towards the center hint towards the center of time. We think it’s just a cool-looking watch.