Penguins Fly Delta!

Penguins are by far the most anti-climactic birds…they can’t even fly. But when they do choose to fly, they fly Delta. On most flights, you expect the “nice little surprise” to be something within the range of free drinks and an in-flight movie that didn’t go straight to DVD. In this case, it was a pair of Arctic penguins walking up and down the aisles saluting amused passengers as they awed and snapped photos of their rare encounter.

After the pilot’s perplexing “Is anyone on board allergic to penguins?” announcement, Pete (6) and Penny (12) were let out to greet the unsuspecting passengers. Now there’s a lot of room for criticism here, and I’m sure animal’s rights activists are gonna go hog wild, but the penguins weren’t taken from their natural habitats just for this stunt. They were actually en route to New York for the premiere the Discover Channel’s new documentary series “Frozen Planet”. First our planet’s in danger of melting from global warming and now it’s prone to freezing over. You can’t win with these people.