The Martin Jetpack

This will probably be Blades Magazine’s last post for a while, because there are very few things in this world that will top the “badassness” of the Martin Jetpack ($100,000). A century-long dream has finally reached its conception. With its purpose-built gasoline engine and twin ducted fans the Martin Jetpack produces enough thrust to reach an estimated 8000 feet in the air. With 30 minutes of flight time the Martin Jetpack makes the Bell Aerospace Rocket Belt (previously the only other functional jetpack in the world) look like a bitch. So buy one for each of your kids, no pilot’s license required!

For technical information please view The Martin Jetpack brochure

Brief Specifications
Structure Carbon fibre composite
Empty weight 250 lbs (excluding safety equipment)
Gross weight 535 lbs
Useful (Pilot) Load 280 lbs+
Maximum thrust 600 lbs+
Fuel Capacity 5 US gallons (as required by FAA Part 103,Ultralight Regulations)
Fuel burn 10.0 gph
Engine Martin Aircraft 2.0 L V4 2 stroke, rated at 200 hp (150 kw). Max 6000 rpm.
Range 31.5 miles (at max speed of 63 mph as required by FAA part 103).
Hover in ground effect 8000 ft (estimated)
Hover above ground effect 8000 ft (estimated)
Classification Meets the requirements of the FAA Part 103, Ultralight Regulations
Pilot License The Ultralight class does not require an FAA recognised pilots license.