Skullcandy RocNation Aviators

I’m going to try to be as unbiased as possible with these Skullcandy RocNation Aviators ($149.99). I should’ve noticed by the 7th pair of earbuds that the left headphone seemed to suspiciously break at around the same time. Anyways, aside from the product being released by the Bernie Maddoff of audio companies, it is still a very nice choice for pilots who need to block out extremely loud noises. Their obnoxiously big over-the-ear headphones serve the purpose of canceling noise so that you can listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son” without any outside disturbance. The RocNation Aviators have an in-line music and mic control and are made of stainless steel, aluminum and poly carbonate, so you know its expensive. The upside is, when it comes that time of the week for them to break, their lifetime warranty will supposedly take care of them for you.

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