Plane Droppings

Sometimes life just smacks you in the face. Sometimes poop just smacks you in the face. And sometimes that poop belongs to several passengers of a JFK arriving flight. This was the case when a Long Island couple residing near JFK were seated outside on their patio, enjoying a nice evening and sipping some beverages.

A plane passes by and then suddenly, “SPLAT!” Black and green liquid rained all over their deck, their table, their beverages and, worst of all, the wife’s face. It makes you shudder just to think about it. The lavatory excrement gave the patio a new paint job and nickel-sized drops were scattered all over the deck…expect a lawsuit. I hope for the sake of the marriage the husband put on quite a show to get out of sharing beds with her for that week. This would be just a case of wrong place at the wrong time, but “blue ice” often falls into the backyards of many houses neighboring the airport. It appears this time the bathroom’s holding tank just happened to rupture. What can you say, shit happens.