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Evacuation Preparation

Flying is the safest way to travel, so why is everyone afraid to fly? Because it might crash? In those rare situations where you come face to face with the end, wouldn’t you rather be in the trained hands of a capable crew instead of a cruise ship full of effeminate sailors or an incompetent tour bus driver?

You want to travel the world and live life to the fullest, and usually living life to the fullest includes not dying. So I’ll bare the burden of making the worries of everyone whose ever flown or will ever fly disappear. There’s this thing called planning for the worst, and airlines do it to a T. The Qantas training center has taught several inexperienced flight crews how to handle disaster situations in the worst of conditions. Simulating pitch black darkness, smoke-filled cabins, night-time water landings and hysterical passengers, the training center throws everything they have at these trainees to prepare them for what they hopefully will never have to experience. Crews have to be able to get up to 780 people off an aircraft in 72 seconds. I could do it in 60 with just a screaming child.