Playboy Bunny In Space

Both of our major fantasies may come true at the same time…this is overwhelming. Playboy bunnies and space “exploration”, this is what mankind has worked towards for the past 7 million years. From sci-fi space nerds to billionaire business moguls who can actually afford the ticket to the Playboy space station, this is a universal dream. And who better to pair up with than the billionaire business mogul himself, Sir Richard Branson.

Hef and Dick workin’ together, the story practically writes itself. Blades recognizes talent, and we’ve repeatedly written about Virgin Galactic because we see the ambition to take things to a greater limit, like a strip club in space. Virgin Galactic is nearing its goal of becoming the first commercial space line, and Playboy artist Thomas Tenery is going nuts trying to jot down all his visions for zero-gravity dance clubs, casinos featuring “human roulette” and restaurants for fine dining.

The sketches appear in the March issue of Playboy, and while Playboy waitresses wearing jetpacks, orbital pleasure domes and artificial gravity all sound far from today’s reach, just remember that everyone working on this project is being driven by the hope of one day having space sex. So believe me when I say work is getting done. I wonder who will be the first member to be inducted into the mega-mile-high club.