Flight Attendants To Take Part in Whispering Courses

Hate being woken up to the sounds of screaming flight attendants yelling at you to “GET OFF THE PLANE!”? We know, it’s never been an issue. Even so, Virgin Atlantic’s attempt to create the industry’s quietest crew is…considerate, and we like that.

The airline will be offering a day-long course to teach flight attendants to communicate at levels of 20 to 30 decibels, as opposed to the 60 or 70 adults usually talk at. This adjustment in proper tone, volume and sentiment is believed to have a calming effect and will prevent the waking of slumbering passengers. Richard Fitzgerald, Virgin Atlantic’s whispering coach and customer service training supervisor, says that it is important for the airline’s cabin crew to hone these skills to provide the most comfortable experience possible for the passengers, letting them wake up feeling relaxes and refreshed. So far the training is set to be given only to attendants of Upper Class Cabins, so coach will just have to continue suffering through restless flights and ringing ears.