BASE Jumping In Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah sounds like the kind of place where you’d find a lot of jumping off buildings, just not for BASE jumping purposes. It’s hard for inhabitants of such a city to get into a hobby other than BASE jumping when their most exciting feature is tall eroded rock.

Without so much as buildings to end their lives from, BASE jumpers fling themselves from these spires, collectively known as the Fisher Towers. Jumper Mario Richard from No Fly Zone hops off the so-called Dragon’s Nest to the isolated spire known as King Fisher, a name rightfully given as it juts out from the ground with sheer intimidation. And, as we all know, once you risk your life, it’s hard not to risk it again immediately thereafter. The thrill-seeker takes a full 8 seconds to bask in his accomplishment and goes right back to work, jumping from the pinnacle back down to the cold, boring sands of Moab, Utah.